Thursday, November 16, 2006


Has Heath Shuler Already Lied to His Constituents?

Heath Shuler, whom I have mixed feelings about given his assistance to GOP efforts in Tennessee in the past, has already broken one promise that he made on the campaign trail. For the record, Heath was elected to serve North Carolina's 11th District only 9 days ago. That seems to best the record for a broken promise set by Colorado Senator Ken Salazar of 39 days after taking the oath of office in 2004, which is how long it took for Salazar to support a judicial filibuster after promising his constituency he would not support such obstructionist tactics.

Shuler said on the campaign trail that he would not support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House. Today, Pelosi was elected unanimously. You do the math.

I am on the record as saying that Heath is a good man, that it is my sincere hope that he upholds his campaign promises and governs like he said he would during his campaign. Such conservative thought in the Democratic Party is a great thing for conservatives. However, this is one early warning that Shuler will be like all of those who have preceded him - campaign chameleons, running as one thing but voting the party line when push comes to shove.

I was hopeful that Heath's backbone was more stout that his foot was in his NFL days, but I'm beginning to have serious doubts.

MORE: Steny Hoyer won the House Majority Leader spot. I'm certainly no fan of Hoyer's, but anything is better than Murtha, right?

but anything is better than Murtha, right?

Say it to Murtha, Huddleston! Say it to Murtha!
To be fair, the formal vote for Speaker will not take place until January...we will know Shuler's true colors if, when the clerk calls out his name, he responds publicly with the word "Pelosi."
I'd like to see a source for the claim that Shuler promised not to vote for Pelosi.
Clark -

It was in a pre-election story in one of the newspapers I read two days before the election. I can't recall which one (maybe the KNS?), but I thought it noteworthy, which means that I actually made a physical note of it.

I have hopes for Heath, but I'm afraid that peer pressure will wear him down like so many others.


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