Friday, November 17, 2006


Going Overboard

A.C. over at Volunteer Voters wrote a critique of an off-topic comment I made earlier in the week regarding Nathan and Sarah Moore. A.C. expounded on the emphasis in that comment a bit too far, so perhaps some clarification is needed.

I wrote about my wonderment regarding Nathan - whom I believe will run for office one day as a conservative - and his wife, who does not seem to be politically aligned with Nathan. Knowing the stress of the political arena, I only commented on how such a relationship seems more difficult than a) normal circumstances with "regular jobs" and b) when both husband and wife are politically aligned.

A.C. took this comment too far - partially because I did not provide enough detail as to my observation. Taking it out of the marital relationship is certainly taking my thoughts too far. Heck, my best friend is a died-in-the-wool Democrat and has been for 17 years. That certainly couldn't be the case if I practiced what A.C. believes I was preaching.

This extends into real life and into the Blogosphere. For instance, Sharon Cobb is a liberal, and I think she is one fantastic lady. Roger Abramson is a purported Republican (although no conservative) and a massive tool. Their ideologies do not define them, although one could make the argument that their behavior does.

In reading Sarah's response, I believe she took the comment close to the intended context. I'm relieved of that since I was a bit worried after reading A.C.'s post.

In any case, I pose the question to those who have run or have considered running for office - do you believe that you and your spouse are politically aligned? Do you believe this to be necessary for the rigors of the campaign and public service?

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