Thursday, November 02, 2006


Get On the Phone - GOTV Challenge 2006

The GOP has been quite creative in their GOTV efforts, which is probably one of the reasons that they are light years ahead of the Democrats when it comes to closing out an election cycle. For a baseball reference, the GOP is like Trevor Hoffman, the Democrats being more like Dan Kolb.

Which brings us to the Get On the Phone GOTV Challenge. This clever competition involves the blogs, with the bloggers and their readers getting credit for the calls they make to voters that the national party has targeted in key states. It's an interesting idea, although some of the ridiculously large blogs (RedState comes to mind) should win in a runaway victory.

I have decided not to participate for one main reason. Most of my readers are in Tennessee. Y'all already know who to call, who isn't sure if they are going to vote, and who needs help trying to crawl through the muck to find the actual issues that people care about. You don't need the GOP telling you who to call. Just call them yourselves. If each reader can get 5 people to the polls to vote for Bob Corker, you can make a difference in this race.

Besides, I would just assume keep this amongst Tennesseans. Harold Ford, Jr. has already brought too much money and out-of-state influence into this race to last 3 decades of elections.

Just know that you're not alone in your efforts. In a conference call last night with various Republican attorneys, it was confirmed that 35,000 voter calls are going out each day from the Tennessee GOP. That's astounding. If we all pull together toward one goal, then we can keep the most liberal Tennessee Congressman from becoming the most liberal Tennessee Senator.

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