Monday, November 06, 2006


Football Blues

I live a rich fantasy life.

The Lords of Rocky Top - the name of both of my fantasy football squads - claimed blowout wins in both my own Confederate Football League and the league known as Tennessee's Best.

However, reality bit this weekend. UT loses on a last-second TD pass by QB JarJarBinks (and a blown call on a fumble that was all the rage of the talk radio scene yesterday). My Chicago Bears looked awful playing the Fish from Miami yesterday, with Rex Grossman playing a game that was actually worse than the one he played in the Arizona desert a few weeks back.

So long, BCS for the Vols.

So long, undefeated regular season for the Bears.

Of course, it could be worse. I could be a Bama fan.


Here's a joke for you: what do you call the Tennessee offensive line? A police line-up.

Yes, Fulmer has run smack dab into a problem that has brought some of the best coaches in college football down - trying to keep his players out of jail. Such troubles cost John Cooper his job at Ohio State (that, and losing to Michigan every year). Tennessee has a great football program, and Fulmer should follow Jim Tressel's example - kick these clowns off the squad. Tressel gave the boot to Maurice Clarett (who just helped them win a national championship and was a front-runner for the Heisman the following year), and it is evident now that Tressel made the right choice. There is plenty of talent in the Vols depth charts. College football needs to clean up its act. Failure to act decisively, in the long run, will kill the Tennessee program.
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