Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Christians Must Compromise to Bring Peace to Islam?

This piece in today's Tennessean raised my blood pressure a bit. I was going to vent on the subject of radical Islam and the true meaning of faith as it relates to Camp, but Mark A. Rose has already done that for me.

Camp seems to want to focus on curing the Christian condition. It is people like him that claim to be Christian conservatives but really want to disembowel what it means to be such that we have to be weary of. Those who are not strong in Christ and are going through particularly difficult times may be lured by his false teachings, just as they would a cult.

Enough from me. Read Mark's post.

UPDATE: It appears that Camp is now claiming that he was grossly misquoted (see the URL in the Comments). Perhaps he was.

I'm filing this as much ado about nothing at this time.

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