Monday, November 06, 2006


Changes in GOP House leadership coming?

There's an interesting article in last week's The Hill. In the article, several House Republicans - some named, some not - intimate that there may be a complete turnover in the GOP House leadership whether or not they retain majority status or not.

One of the named Republicans was Jeff Flake of Arizona. He's one to watch. For those of you looking for a real conservative Mormon Republican - and not a fake one like Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney - Flake's the real deal. There was an excellent piece on his assault on earmarks on last night's "60 Minutes." If you can catch a YouTube or replay of that interview, I highly recommend it because it showed someone who wants to take the pork out of government and actually tries to do just that.

In any case, the piece in The Hill is certainly interesting to say the least. From a Tennessee perspective, Marsha Blackburn's reported attempt to land a role in the leadership is intriguing. It's the worst kept secret in GOP politics that the plan is for her to run for governor in 2010, with Jim Bryson using his newly found name recognition to slide into the 7th District Congressional seat. However, what happens if Marsha rises too far to risk a contested race back home - ala Zach Wamp?

I'm certainly not saying that will happen, but it could. One has to wonder if Marsha might have second thoughts if she obtains a high enough post, if Speaker Blackburn becomes a reality in 2010 - or sooner.

Just pondering here, folks...

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