Wednesday, November 29, 2006


BREAKING: Frist not seeking the White House

Word has filtered down to me (while I was writing my last post) that Tennessee Senator Bill Frist will not seek the presidency in 2008.

This is somewhat surprising but more than likely in Bill's best interests. The time is not right now, and to run could end his political career. Taking a break from public service is the best thing to do, as other opportunities will undoubtedly be available down the road.

For the conservatives, this is another potential challenger that has bitten the dust before the starting gate who could have carried the conservative banner in this race.

If we don't draft someone into the race - and soon - we are going to be staring at John McCain or Rudy Guiliani as our nominee, creating a dilemma of whether we draw the line in the sand and tell the Republican Party to shove off in 2008 or compromise our values for a non-conservative. And don't tell me about Gingrich, as he has no spine and would get clocked in the general election.

Who do we need to look at?

My picks:

1) J.C. Watts
2) Mike Pence
3) Michael Steele
4) Patrick Buchanan

I can hear the howls now about my 4th choice. I'll opine later as to why Buchanan's only stumbling block is how he was perceived over a decade ago, but that those perceptions are misguided because Buchanan turned out to be right about so many things that people (especially the media) chided him about at the time.

UPDATE: The story is already on the AP wire.

MORE: Volunteer Voters has the text of the Frist announcement. It is quite gracious, and it leaves the door wide open for his return to elected office at a future date.

As an old Buchanan supporter, if Buchanan thoroughly returned to the GOP fold and announced he was running for the nomination, I would have my formal endorsement up on my blog within minutes.
1 JC quit way too soon. most will say he needs more time in the saddle a leadership spot or executive experience would be a good next step. But he needs to run again first.

2 Mike Pence Has NO name ID. and the bad issues that go with it.

3 Steele, although a good candidate, lost in his home state, by about 10 points if I remember correctly. Most will see this like not being able to get a job reference from your wife.

4.Pat Buchanan was correct on many issues but may be considered by many as too old. He can't stir the people like R.R. did.

Newt can do it. Don't count him out. He talks right, is solid on the big issues and knows how to turn loosers into winners. With the exception of Bucanan I think he could debate the rest into the dust and may have gained needed access to money while he was leader.

He will also have a built in nation wide grass roots organization It will be lead by Republicans he helped put in office and others. After two years of Democrat controll many republicans will say "Enough!" and will harken back to a Republican revolution he lead much more fondly.
I'll pretend I never heard you mention Buchanan. To be elected a candidate has to be able to appeal to some segment of the population and Buchanan can't. I'm a right wing extremist and when I hear him on TV or radio I can't bring myself to like him even when I agree with him. If Buchanan somehow got the GOP nomination, Mondale in 1984 would seem successful by comparison.
I like Pence, Watts, and Steele but none of them have the name recognition or background to be elected.

Someone I'd like to see enter the race is Fred Thompson.
Stacey and Largebill -

(Good to hear from you both, but it's been a long time, largebill. Don't be a stranger!)

You both make good points. I think a full post is needed to comment, and I hope to do so in the morning.


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