Wednesday, November 29, 2006


#1 Fan?

Roger Abramson asked the following question of fellow bloggers on Monday:

Name three bloggers who tend to be the opposite of you politically, yet of whom you remain a fan nevertheless.

He then gave his answers, and others have done so, as well.

Here are my answers:

1) Sharon Cobb - This was the easiest answer for me. Sharon is such a wonderful person, and she is a pleasure to know both on-line and off. She is a tried and true liberal from a fantastic background, which makes her my polar political opposite. However, Sharon is able to debate respectfully, which is a skill that many on both sides of the spectrum have forgotten. She's my favorite true liberal in the Blogosphere.

2) A.C. Kleinheider - I never knew what to think of A.C. before he got sucked into the mainstream media machine. I really don't know what to think of him now. Paleoconservative? Metroconservative? Homo erectus conservative? I have no clue what A.C. subscribes to anymore. Sometimes I think he's right on (particularly with his powers of prediction), but other times I have no clue where he's coming from. However, I love Volunteer Voters and (truth be told) hit his site multiple times a day and, if time is short, his is the first site that I hit when making the rounds.

3) Sarah Moore - Sarah is from the plank of the Republican Party that wants to take us all to Guiliani-land. We agree on practically nothing - even her choice of ACC basketball teams (Maryland) is not up to snuff (snuff being Duke). However, she debates fairly and respectfully (for a reference - the opposite of Roger Abramson), even when others around her are losing their heads. I also have a great deal of respect for her husband, Nathan, who has given much time and toil to the cause over the years. Despite our many political differences, I still consider her amongst my top three non-conservative bloggers.

Honorable Mention: If my dear friend The Undecided Philosopher posted more, he would certainly be on the list. However, his intensive job and the responsibilities of raising a young man on his own makes blogging trivial in the grand scheme of things. Like Sharon and Sarah, Ben also knows how to defend his liberal viewpoints while keeping matters civil. I can't overstate how valuable of a quality that is to me.

So, you have my answers. Anyone else feel like chiming in?

From more of a left perspective, I also include Sarah Moore. Personally, I think she is wonderful. She's a thoughtful blogger with a great sense of humor. Her political leanings aren't really important to me, but how you can call her liberal is beyond me.
I guess civility is in the eye of the beholder. Incivility is in the tweezers, when you remove the barbs. I seem to recall Sarah Moore calling me a xenophobe, directly or indirectly. More than once, I believe. I've been called that so many times, even on editorial pages, that I forget.

In my civility, I excused Sarah's ignorance/worldview.

But civility is overrated. Americans are so civil that we've allowed ourselves to be invaded and recolonized, and then we gave the invaders free health care and the vote.

If I ever start a blog, I might call it Fannykicker.
John H -

It's funny - in an age where most groups claim significant membership, liberals don't believe that there are any of y'all out there.

Is a Sarah a liberal on the full political spectrum? No. Is she a liberal from a conservative perspective? You betcha. But that's OK - she married one, and my dealings with her have been cordial. (For another perspective, read Donna's comment.)


Donna -

I see what you're saying, but I really do appreciate those who can rise above the namecalling and debate a good political issue. I think there is something to be said for dignified debate.

Maybe where we differ is that I think one can still be a "fannykicker" and still be dignified. Maybe I'm wrong there, but I hope I'm not.


Every movement needs its street fighters and hell raisers. If only metaphorically. I took my cues from Hosea Williams.
Thank you for the kind words.
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