Monday, October 02, 2006


Tennessee Trial Lawyers Targeting McLeary

I intercepted this e-mail from the Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association (TTLA) listserv over the weekend. It should be noted that I am certainly not a member of this group. I didn't even accept a free membership from the liberal organization when it was offered to me.

Apparently, TTLA is targeting Don McLeary, State Senator from 27th Senate District. As many of you may recall, McLeary switched parties earlier this year, stating that the Democratic Party had moved away from his values, particularly on the subject of ethics.

Since the trial lawyers are going to try to buy the Senate seat for Lowe Finney, I ask that all decent people make a contribution (if you are able) to Don McLeary's campaign at:

Don McLeary for Senate
125 Ed Smith Road
Humboldt, Tennessee 38343

Here's the e-mail, with the address of Finney's campaign omitted but the numerous grammatical errors included:

Subject: Saving the Senate Campaign: 27th Senate Race: Lowe Finney

You may have received a message from me announcing the debate Monday between Lowe Finney, a member of TTLA, and Don McLeary who earlier this year abandon the Democratic Party and joined the Republicans, giving the Republicans control of the Senate. The future of our trial practice will be affected by the results in this race and one or two other races. I know that most of youcannot be here for the debate but you can send $50.00 to Lowe to help with the huge expenses of this race. Yes, I have been 'give out' for several weeks now......but that is why I am asking for only $50.00. If all of us just gave $50.00 to each of the important Senate races, we would make a huge difference and most of us would not miss the few hundred bucks it would take to lift our friends to victory. Won't you please take the time to write a $50.00 check and send it to Lowe Finney for Senate, XXXXX XXXXXX, XXXXXX, Tennessee, XXXXX.

The most recent polls show Lowe within a couple of points of the incumbent whose 'negatives' is hovering around 70%....bad news for an incumbent. Overthe next few days, I will be sharing with you some inside information on thecritical races statewide and asking that you consider making a differencewith a minimal donation of $50.00. We could have a great impact on the future of our State.

Oh, by the way, Don McLeary reneged on a promise of support to TTLA and voted FOR the most recent worker's compensation changes. Hope you will help.



T. Robert Hill
1269 N. Highland Ave.
P.O. Box 3539
Jackson, TN 38303-0539

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