Wednesday, October 18, 2006


More Bloggers on National Radio

W. James Antle, III, of 4Pundits will be on The Savage Nation at around 7:30 P.M. to discuss this excellent piece he authored for The American Conservative.

The piece is worth the read because it accurately expresses the calculus that so many conservatives are experiencing during this election cycle.

I tend to shy away from Antle's ultimate conclusion, though, because I greatly believe in the political pendulum. I don't foresee that a Democratic win in 2006 means that conservatives will see a gain in power in 2008 and beyond. Yes, the Democratic policies (isn't that an oxymoron?) will fail miserably, but the system that protects incumbents makes me think that taking back control will not be as easy as Antle, Cagle, and others believe.

I hope that Antle can survive Michael Savage without being called any names. I think that's the goal of every Savage guest, isn't it?

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