Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Judicial Input

On Monday afternoon, I was fortunate enough to attend a meeting hosted by the Knoxville Bar Association with Chancellor Mike Moyers. As many of you in the Knoxville area may remember, Chancellor Moyers is our newest judge here in Knox County, having bested Democrat Jim Andrews in the primary.

I made sure to rush through the day so that I could attend this meeting because it was quite intriguing. Chancellor Moyers invited members of the bar who engage in family law to provide input to him as to how they would like to see Chancery Court, Division III, operate. Attorneys ranging from some of the elder members of the Bar to some of us young pups were able to interject our two-cents as to what we find works in other courts and what does not.

At this time, I don't practice much before Chancellor Moyers, but I found it refreshing that he reached out to the Bar before instituting changes to his court. Personally, I don't know of other new judges in other counties from the last election cycle who have made such an effort.

I thought I would relay this to the voters of Knox County, because it looks like you made the right decision when you voted in the August elections when it comes to Chancery Court, Division III.

(In the interest of full disclosure, this site endorsed Mike Moyers in his race against Jim Andrews.)

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