Monday, October 02, 2006


Hero of the Day: Tom Humphrey

I loved Tom Humphrey's refreshing column in Sunday's Knoxville News-Sentinel on his personal voting preferences. An honest journalist - what could be next? Gracious professional athletes? Perish the thought...

I would love to think that Humphrey threw down the gauntlet to both the mainstream media and the blogging community.

But, Rob, the bloggers are an open book...

Oh, I don't know. I'm not the only one who has noticed the chance in ACK. Plus, Michael Silence has been rather - well - silent on his November choices. I haven't announced my choices as of October 2nd, but all in good time, grasshopper...

Let's try to wring a little of the hidden bias out of our biased reporting, shall we?

MORE: On a completely unrelated note, I refuse to get all in a tizzy about a Mason-Dixon poll of 625 supposed voters in a statewide election. Doesn't that mean that only a smidge more than 6 voters per county were surveyed? I assume that more than six calls went to Shelby and Davidson Counties, so some counties might have not been represented at all.

Polls just aren't that important, folks. At least, any one that is released to the public isn't.

Of course, reasonable minds may differ:

"To win I think Harold Ford needs to be winning every poll of consequence that comes out -- a few by more than the margin of error."

- AC at Volunteer Voters

Sure thing. That'll cover up that lack of solution on the immigration issue, Ford's anti-gun, pro-abortion record, and his history of not showing up to vote in Congress on issues important to the average Tennessean.

Just bury it in polls. Works every time.

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