Friday, October 27, 2006


GOP Surging - Despite what CNN says

Here are a few things to consider regarding control of the U.S. Senate:

It's not exactly a sure thing, but it's conceivable that the GOP could take all of these seats, plus Virginia. If that happens, then the Democrats won't even come close to taking over the Senate.

(Hat tip: Patrick Ruffini)

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We have been saying this for days.
If polling is showing Kean and Menendez as tied, then Kean is actually in the lead. I'd put money on Kean now.
Well, its a bit optimistic at this point but one can only hope...It'd be nice to see CNN, MSNBC, and all the liberals eat crow in November. Hope your assessment's correct...
Thanks for the comments. I see a definite move beginning, I am not sure about a surge but there is something going on. I have been an interested observer about the Tenn. race for senate. Maybe I am missing something but I thought the RNC ad was both on target and not-racist (Some Vandy professor said he took a survey (probably himself) and said everyone saw the "race card" being played. What nonsense. I did the same in California - with a lot more people and most thought it was funny if not a bit edgy. Who knows? I wrote about the ad a few days ago in my own blog with an "MTV" type review of the ad.
Survey USA is the only polling company to show the Maryland race to be tied or a Steele advantage. When the rest of the polls showed Cardin with about a 10 point advantage, SUSA showed Steele with a 1 point advantage. Either every other polling company is just really inaccurate (inluding a Republican poll which showed Cardin ahead +2)...or SUSA is the one that needs to adjust it's numbers.

But if you do take the SUSA numbers as accurate, than in Tennessee they show Ford trending upwards. Their last poll showed Corker +2, but their latest poll showes an even race.

As for Tester sliding, the numbers show he has pretty much stayed the same, Burns has just solidified some Republican support. Tester is still showed in most polls to be at or around 50. In order for Burns to win this he's going to have to get nearly ALL of the undecideds, something that will be hard in a year Republicans aren't too popular.

New Jersy, I agree is a way of telling how that is going to turn out.

Missouri is showing a slight advantage to Talent, but it's still more or less tied.

Repubilcans hold the House (3 - 5 seats) and gain one seat in the Senate.

As a libertarian, I'd like to see the two houses of congress controlled by different parties. If I lived in TN, I might support Ford, but I vote in Jersey. And after Torrecelli, I'm sick and tired of corrupt North Jersey politicians like Robert Menendez
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