Friday, October 13, 2006


Frank Cagle Goes Fredo Corleone

There was quite a bit of buzz over Van Hilleary minion Frank Cagle somewhat endorsing Harold Ford, Jr., yesterday. Cagle apparently thinks that burning the village is the only way to save it, and he certainly is not alone in that assessment. Of course, one wonders if these people are really up to paying the price for such a political maneuver.

I completely agree with SayUncle on this one - Cagle's effort of communicating with the GOP is fatally flawed. I'll go even further - no one in the GOP is really going to care what Frank Cagle has to say from now on, if they ever did.

Those in power in the GOP will view Cagle's maneuver as treacherous and an assault on their "big tent." If Cagle doesn't like the GOP now, wait until he gets a load of them when he's actually considered an untouchable (instead of just feeling like one as the party governs from the Middle and campaigns from the Right).

Cagle just went Fredo to the GOP's Michael.

"Fredo, you're nothing to me now. You're not a brother, you're not a friend. I don't want to know you or what you do."

Honestly, no big loss to me. I was never a Cagle fan.

MORE: Brian Hornback has an update on Cagle's radio explanation.

Rob, Frank sounds like two right wing hosts named Russ and Dee Fine that used to work in Birmingham up until a few weeks ago. They were behind President Bush in '04 and supported GOP causes for the 10 years they were on the radio down there. Then for some reason they started bashing Bush and Alabamas GOP Governor Bob Riley this year. They accused them of all sorts of things. The station finally got enough of them earlier this month and fired them while they were on a commercial break during their show.
Richard -

Speaking out has its consequences. Unfortunately, it won't for Cagle, as his employer is a liberal-to-the-core alt-weekly that would like nothing more than to to see the most liberal candidate elected.


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