Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Belly up to the Buffet

Smantix over at Six Meat Buffet has an excellent post on Harold Ford, Jr., and how his campaign stances differ from his voting record.

The research is sound and the voting records correct. Unfortunately, I think most voters these days are more into the style than the substance, so I am less optimistic that Ford the Liar will be exposed significantly prior to Election Day.

MORE: Mark Rose has a take on this election cycle that I believe is quite popular amongst conservatives these days. In it, he writes:

"The alternative to having lukewarm Republicans in power is far worse. Yes, congressional Republicans could use some re-direction, but I'd much rather prefer that re-direction come with them maintaining power.

So, despite the pessimism being exhibited a considerable number of my co-pundits (and conservative websites), I'm thumbing my nose at the foregone conclusion that it's over for the Republicans, staying on offense, and maintaining optimism. Polls are polls. The only one that counts is three weeks away. Remember what the exit polls said on election day two years ago? That John Kerry would win. So much for polls."

I agree. Despite unfounded rumors to the contrary, the GOP isn't abandoning any state based on any polling, nor should they. Polls are inherently flawed and often have too small a sample size. You're just as well to go with your gut feeling after being on the ground in the state in question.

Read the rest of Mark's post on his recently redesigned site here.

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