Tuesday, October 17, 2006


"Bear Down, Chicago Bears..."

I have watched nearly every Monday Night Football game (with the exception of the year I lived in England, when I saw a Sunday game broadcast on Monday night) since 1984. Tonight's may have been the strangest, most exciting game this Bears fan has ever seen on Monday Night Football.

Six turnovers (mostly due to the horrific play of ex-Florida Gator Rex Grossman), NO POINTS on offense, and you still win the game?!?!

Even the endless man-crushes of Tony Kornheiser and Joe Theismann for Arizona QB Matt Leinart couldn't ruin this night. (It was bearable, although I wouldn't have complained if Lawrence Taylor had crashed into the broadcast booth and reperformed the hit he gave Theismann in 1985 on MNF that ended Theismann's playing career and gave the simple action of breaking a chicken bone new meaning. Kornheiser will get his beating from Michael Wilbon on the next "Pardon the Interruption," which Tony deserves because he did everything but perform acts covered under the sodomy laws of most states in professing his love for one Matt Leinart.)

Even though I had a LONG day in court and in a mediation, I was glued to the set at the kickoff.

I think I'll keep my Urlacher jersey on until work tomorrow morning. Gotta keep up the karma, because little else can explain the miracle in the desert that I just saw.

It was an incredibly bizarre game. I found myself laughing when Hester scored on the punt return, it was that unbelievable. But I sincerely hope Lovie Smith insists the Bears rush the ball at least 30 times against the 49ers in 2 weeks. Air Bears needs a bit of grounding.
psotd -

I agree. I guess it was another element of the bizarre game. Arizona couldn't run but kept feeding James the ball. Chicago couldn't pass but kept letting Grossman keep chuckin' the rock around with reckless abandon.

Let Thomas Jones and the defense win you games, Lovie...


Hey, the Bears might just do it.
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