Monday, October 09, 2006


Another Great Weekend

Besides shooting a decent round of golf on Saturday afternoon, this has to be rated as a great weekend just because of success on the gridiron.

My two teams, The University of Tennessee Volunteers and the Chicago Bears, put up 91 points this weekend, which might have been mistaken for their entire 2005 seasons. Somehow, the teams that relied on defense over the past few years have turned into replicas of Kurt Warner's "Greatest Show on Turf" with the St. Louis Rams.

I've also been successful in fantasy football. Our league, the Confederate Football League, is in its 9th year, with a Huddleston having claimed the championship each season. I have been lax to talk about the league on VOLCon, mostly because I know that most of the participants are regular readers and I leave my trash talking for the league website.

However, the second-place team, Urban Swampland, talked smack this weekend related to the blog. You see, the manager of Urban Swampland is a graduate of the University of Florida's law school, and she is feeling good these days with her Gators having found such success this year. I paraphrased Coach Fulmer in my smack talk this week, saying that my team would not be distracted, that we were "fired up and focused." (WIVK has carried those words ad nauseum since mid-August on its UT ads with Fulmer.) She replied with:

"Tell it to your blog. The "focus" of team Rocky Flop doesn't scare me!!"

OK, I just did.

Not quite final score (since I have Javon Walker playing in the Monday Night game):

Lords of Rocky Top - 90
Urban Swampland - 64

Much like my Bears, the Lords of Rocky Top are undefeated headed into Week 6.

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