Friday, October 27, 2006


Another Ford Parking Lot Meltdown?

I'm not really sure what is going on here or who is screaming like a lunatic, but it appears that the infamous "Memphis Meltdown" is not a singular event.

Anyone have more info on this? Everything seems fine, then someone (Junior?) is ranting, and then the Ford campaign staffer assaults the cameraman. Anyone care to share more details if they have them?

I mean, it isn't as clear as this piece of priceless footage...

Yes, folks. I can't watch Harold Ford, Sr. calling white people "crackers" enough.

But remember - that's not racist. No, THIS is racist...

Thanks for the crazy climax to your campaign, Harold. I love the trip to Bizarro Tennessee that you have taken us on. Things had been a bit too normal around here before your "Meltdown," and now with your Dad firmly involved in things, we're almost guaranteed non-stop crazy until after Election Day. (That, of course, is when you zap us back to reality with the traditional Democratic cries of voter fraud and racial discrimination. When we get back to that script, I will know that everything is back to normal.)

I can tell you this Rob, Senior is just finding it hard to make a move right now without some "blogger" or "tracker" pointing a camera at him (see BCR). We are fighting his tactics with cameras and I don't think he or his staff like it much.

For example, I have "spotters" who call me and let me know when he or Jake shows up at an EV location. On Thursday I got a call that he was at the Anointed Temple EV here in Memphis. Within 15 minutes I was on hand with a video camera. As soon as Senior saw me, he left leaving Jake behind with supporters. Steve Cohen beat me by a few minutes, and within minutes of my arrival others started showing up.

This all started Monday when he (Senior) and company staged a rally at the Pyramid location and I was on hand with camera. The exposure of his activities brought a lot of public and legal response. So since then, he is finding it hard to make a move without a camera pointed at him and I guess the pressure is starting to get to him and staff. Of course that only means we will double our efforts.

Rats don't like the light put on them.
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