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Vol Notes

The Vol Walk, UT vs. California

A few notes regarding Saturday night's game versus the Air Force Academy:

One final note regarding a request on how to treat our guests Saturday night. Normally, we let the opposing team and, to a lesser extent, opposing fans have it at Neyland. With the Air Force Academy, many diehard Vol fans have proposed some slight changes. In particular, I urge Vol fans not to "boo" the Falcons when they enter Neyland. Normally, most fans erupt as the Vols run through the "T" and then lustfully "boo" the visitors as they run on the field. Let's not do that Saturday night. Let's applaud these young men. They aren't going to the NFL after 4 years of college football - they're going to fight in battlefields around the world.

Greg Amsler - one of the best fullbacks in UT history - sent an e-mail my way that said the following:

"Cheer them when they take the field and when our band plays their fight song, and at the end of the game, as these young men are our future defenders and deserve the recognition."

I agree. Now I'm not saying to make Neyland the mausoleum that it has been over the past few years. Cheer during the game, by all means. The Air Force guys will be using a cut block scheme that may result in several of our guys getting hurt and possibly missing the Florida game (or worse). From whistle to whistle, treat this like a normal game. Just bring some perspective into the pre-game and post-game festivities. That's all I ask.

Should be a fun weekend! Enjoy the game, the tailgates, and the freedoms that we enjoy as Americans!


Air Force? Was the Mississippi School for Blind Girls already scheduled? It must be nice that the SEC has such a knock-around conference that the Vols can devote their pre-conference schedule to beat up on the little old ladies of college football.

As for my No.1-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes, you might be aware that they are playing the defending national champions and No.2-ranked Texas in AUSTIN. Now that's a real man's game! The Buckeyes have a real chance to lose this one.

But Air Force? C'mon... ;-)
Patrick -

Don't make me bring up last week, when Tennessee went out of conference against a Top 10 team and Ohio State was unimpressive in dispatching mighty Northern Illinois.

That effort made me drop OSU from atop my rankings ballot. USC's performance against an SEC team earned them that spot, even if OSU maintained the overall #1 ranking from the IRA-CF.

Besides, we're giving Air Force a payday from this game. Nothing like giving back to those who protect our freedom.

As for your game against Texas, I have - for some reason - picked the Buckeyes to win that one. I'm in the minority, though.


Much to the disappointment of the sports media elites who flush every year over ND, Ohio State and Michigan; all three are overrated AGAIN. Penn State beats ND by 7+ and Texas hurts OSU by 14+. Michigan gets a ride this week.

Tennessee should struggle in a win against Air Force as it does in all sandwich games. That suits me fine, it will make us underdogs to the Taters which is how I like it.

Next week, it's all back to normal with College Football's attention on the South where it belongs.
Brother Rob,

Two words for your Vols: OVER RATED.

Two words for my Buckeyes: NUMBER ONE.

But seriously, we'll see how the Vols do next week against Florida. If they can win that one, they'll make a believer out of me. Maybe.
Uh, Conservatore...didn't the SEC Champion get waxed last year by West Virginia? Talk about an overrated conference.

And since when did the sports elite ever gush over ND, Ohio State and Michigan, despite all three being the most winning teams in college football history (and having more Heismans than any other team)? I guess all thing look distorted down there through the bottom of the moonshine bottle.
Just found the blog in a search for Greg Amsler, my favorite Vol of all-time.

Any information on where he is and what he is doing?
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