Wednesday, September 27, 2006


The Vanderbilt Commodoobies?

Chancellor's Honors Seminar at Vanderbilt?

Gordon Gee, Chancellor of Vanderbilt University, has a long history of lecturing the other SEC schools on their moral duty of educating the youth of the South.

Apparently, that "morality" includes out-of-control spending and smoking marijuana in the chancellor's mansion.

The story was first carried by the Wall Street Journal's print edition yesterday, but reactions around Middle Tennessee have been swift over the past 24 hours. The Tennessean and Nashville Scene both have commentary today.

Reactions from the power players at Vanderbilt have ranged from the apathetic to the truly pathetic. I guess this is what some of the cultural elite have come to expect from their institutions of higher learning these days.

Vanderbilt should be ashamed. I'm just glad that I have dibs on the best thing to come out of that university.

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MORE: Can anyone confirm that this is person is delivering Vanderbilt's commencement address this December?

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