Monday, September 18, 2006


More to come today

I hope to post more about my latest views on Bob Corker, as well as the contents of telephone discussions I have had with the brass at NRA over their actions in the Great State of Tennessee, later on today.

Unfortunately, work and fighting the illness that has whipped me pretty good (and nearly caused me to pass out at the UT/Florida game - just ask the VOLConWife) have to come first.

I urge all to check out the "Comments" section of last week's post on Lincoln Chafee and the RNC. It seems that a small skirmish in the battle for Tennessee conservatism can be seen up in the positions taken there. And as I vacillate on my support of Bob Corker, I see both sides of this argument.

Well, I haven't vassilated, and what happened in Rhode Island only serves to harden my position. It is all very unfortunate.
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