Friday, September 01, 2006


Intoxicated Lawyering?

I am quite pleased with my court performance this week. And to think that I did it all without the assistance of tequila.

Apparently, not everyone can function in court unless Jack Daniels or Jim Beam is second-chairing their hearing.

There is truly stunning video of a Las Vegas lawyer trying to weasel his way out of being caught with a .075 blood alcohol level - while representing a client in court who is facing life imprisonment!

I really am stunned at this. Part I of the video is here. Part II, along with some commentary and links to other aspects of the case, can be found at TaxProf Blog. (Hat tip: Ben Cunningham.)

I'm not sure what is worst - showing up for a major trial intoxicated, citing past multiple head traumas on the record in front of your client, dictating your previous trial experience as proof that you're not drunk, making up some moral objection to calling 911 after you have reportedly been in an auto accident, or bringing up your dead grandmother as a reason that you showed up for court smashed.

That could be a poll question, but I'm afraid that "All of the Above" might win in a landslide.


A teacher friend of mine had to be a witness for the prosecution in a case involving a child, and as she was sitting next to the aisle in the courtroom at the start of proceedings, the defense lawyer walked up the aisle and threatened her in a low voice. We'd like to believe he was drunk, but I don't think so.
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