Friday, September 15, 2006


Ford is not doing his "job" in Washington

Bob Corker recently hammered Harold Ford on never having had a "real job" in his life. Ford, speaking on WNOX radio, was quite literally enraged at the allegation, saying that being a Congressman was certainly a "real job." Corker, of course, is right in this case, as service in the Congress is not a "real job" as most Tennesseans qualify it. The truth is that Ford has never worked a real job outside of the position of privilege that was handed to him by his corrupt father.

Now, in a story in Friday's Knoxville News-Sentinel, the Corker campaign has issued a statement that chides Ford for missing votes in Congress. Not only has Ford never worked a day in his life, but he doesn't see the need to represent the people of Memphis through his position of privilege in the U.S. Congress. The Ford campaign's response:

Michael Powell, senior adviser to Ford's campaign, said, "Ford did exactly what he should have done, which is spend time with first responders in Knoxville rather than be in Washington to vote on a meaningless nonbinding resolution."

Wrong. Ford's duty to the people of Tennessee's Ninth Congressional District is to be in Washington - not Knoxville - and vote in their interests. If Ford wanted to avoid his responsibilities and become a full-time campaigner, he should have resigned his seat in Congress many moons ago.

Junior, you can't campaign as Congressman Harold Ford if you don't want to live up to your duties in Congress.

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