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Chafee Wins Primary

I watched closely last night as the returns poured in from Rhode Island's precincts. As I had predicted, Lincoln Chafee survived, much to the chagrin of conservatives like Save the GOP who supported his opponent, Steve Laffey.

I have a couple of comments. First, if conservatives want to challenge moderates (which might be generous in the case of Chafee), they need to present actual conservatives as opponents. Laffey was not exactly a conservative, as I have pointed out on several of the national blogs over the past few months. He has a record of raising taxes, and that does not represent a conservative philosophy of governance. I didn't support Laffey because he looked like a moderate to me. He might have been more conservative than Chafee, but that still doesn't make him conservative. We could argue over whether Hillary Clinton or John Kerry is more conservative, but that still doesn't make either a conservative.

Second, Laffey's record isn't stopping the media from framing this as a major conservative defeat. Of course, that's what they want. Whatever...

Third, any conservative who ever gives a dime from this point on to the Republican National Committee is a traitor to the very ideology that makes him or her a conservative. The RNC's involvement in this primary was disgraceful. The White House, Elizabeth Dole, the NRSC - they all should pay for specifically targeting what they believed to be a conservative challenge to a man who proudly refused to support the War on Terror or the Bush tax cuts. Whether Laffey is a conservative for this argument is irrelevant; the RNC thought he was one, and we saw how they made every effort to take him out.

Am I mad? Extremely. It makes me think that conservatives might have to suffer short term losses to free ourselves of the shackles that the RNC has placed on us. The only way that the RNC can be taught a lesson is through the loss of political power, and that starts with the balance of power in the Congress in 2006.

Funny. RNC involvement in Rhode Island might be the tipping point as to where my vote is cast in Tennessee in November.

Defeating the liar Harold Ford is an important cause. Ousting the establishment that has corrupted the Republican National Committee and made conservatives the slave class of the Republican Party may be a more important goal.

I have worked too long and too hard for Republicans to allow Harold Ford to represent me in TN. Please tell me it was a knee-jerk reaction to the Chafee win.
I am dismayed that Bob Corker is down in the polls. We can't mope around muttering '..if only Ed had won..." but it's what a lot of us are thinking. If anything it gives those of us who supported Ed more credibility in the next election. People are beginning to wake up to the fact that the best candidate didn't win in August. But I will not sell my soul to vote for Harold Ford and you shouldn't either. We can talk this out over coffee...
In response to both the post and comment. Yes Chafee won. Yes it sucks. Laffey was a decent candidate but he was no Ed Bryant, Marsha Blackburn, or Tom Coburn. Is it wrong that RNC/RNSC got involved in a primary, absolutely.

That said, now is not the time to let the democrats take back both houses of Congress. For one, we are going to get an impeached President. Two we are going to leave Iraq and the chances of a terrorist attack go up a lot with the dems in control. For the sake of immediate national security we need a Republican majority.

Am I furious that RINOS like Corker and Chafee won, absolutely. But, replacing a RINO with a liberal isn't a step forward. If the republican's maintain control of the Senate, we have a republican majority leader, and our conservative all stars like Ensign, Brownback, and Coburn can actually get something accomplished. It would be much harder for one of them to get legislation through if the dems are in control.

To deal with the RINO problem, conservatives must become more united and work harder in primaries. Getting behind one candidate early is vital so we elimate the "Van Hilleary Factor." The Club for Growth may have lost in the Laffey race, but they did suceed in Walberg Schwartz race.

Let's hold our nose, get Bob elected so that our real conservatives have an enviroment they can get some work done. Corker may not be a leader once he get the Senate, but he does vote for Majority leader.

After the election, we may have to lobby harder for conservative causes than if our man Ed was elected. We are just going to have to work harder. Next cycle, with the proper planning and campaigning we might be able to get more conservatives elected in the House and Senate, and of course a GOP President.

Lastly, I've been hearing rumblings of a new conservative group who is planning to do some big things. It might be a place to take out some of the frustration many conservatives are having with the RNC/RNSC.
I can appreciate and sympathize with your anger and frustration. I have started three different times today to write an entry about the disallusioned and disheartened state of the DNC. Each time I have gotten too angry to continue. Both parties are beginning to disintegrate before all our eyes, under the guise of misplaced short-term goals. Even I agree that you should not toss aside your integrity to make a statement at the polls this November. Fried Green Tomato Vote for the right reasons, then rebuild your party house from within. You will have my respect for it.
Where are you leaning at the moment in the Senate tell.
We have moved into an era of fragmentation and disintegration. This will be good in terms of some things you mention here, Rob, but overall it is disastrous, and there is much the American people will miss when it is gone.
You can't possibly think that a conservative like Laffey was ever going to get to the Senate anyway. You need to remember what state he represents. I own and run my business in RI and you can't make sense of what happened unless you understand that 70% of the state's electorate is liberal-leaning. The only way the average Rhody was going to let a Republican go back to the Senate, given the widespread hatred of GWB and his wrecking crew, was someone of the old NE moderate style of Republican, nothing like what you have in the South. The primary voters knew that Laffey, for all his qualities, would get his ass kicked in the general election. So they chose Republican Lite instead.

If Corker does lose or the GOP loses control in Congress for that matter, we have to recall that from the ashes of a Carter Presidency arose one of our greatest Presidents of all time: Ronald Reagan.

A lot of republicans wanted Ford to win, but it just wasn't in the stars.

If Ford had won, would we ever have had Reagan?

Unfortunately, the GOP may have to lose a few races nationwide in order to find another Reagan.

Just thinking...
Terry is right-from losses like Ford come greatness like Reagan. Perhaps a loss will teach the right people the right lesson-who knows?
Terry we don't have to lose to get good conservatives. We can and will rebuild from within. If it hadn't been for a certain someone's personal ambition it would have worked here in TN back in August. Don't give up hope, we will reform the party from within.

I'm just saying that the GOP is not lost if we lose the race.

This race is Corker's to lose...and the way the campaign is going, it looks like he's trying to.

Ford is on the battlefield and Corker is in the bunker crafting ads. It's going to be a much closer race than it should ever have been. Perhaps because there are no grassroots workers to get the job done.
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