Monday, August 21, 2006


Waltzer Hooks Likely To Collect County Pension After Guilty Plea

Ah, the putrid stench of the Memphis corruption machine - what a way to begin the week!

It seems that Michael Hooks, who is expected to plead guilty to charges of government corruption in the near future through the FBI's "Tennessee Waltz" investigation, can claim early retirement status and be eligible to collect his county pension.

You gotta love that.

In related corruption news out of Memphis, many of the sources that I have spoken to from West Tennessee are expecting Ophelia Ford - Queen of the Dead Voters and Possessor of the Race Card - to be elected by a combination of dead and alive voters this time around against Terry Roland.

I propose an exit poll in November for that race. Those who vote for Ford should be given a can of the appropriate product depicted below.

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