Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ultimate Warrior Video - I Need A Hero

Many people ask where you get the energy to sleep only a few hours on Election Week.

The answer is that you find the energy from whatever source you can (although no energy drink or pill could ever allow you to finish what pure will power alone can do), and you don't ever let anyone outwork you.

You never give up.

You never let up.

You push through the finish line.

You find the inspiration everywhere.

Make sure and introduce yourself to me this evening!
I'll be at the Clinton/Ford event, then I am headed over your way.
Sharon -

I will make every attempt to do so. I'm not sure when I will be there, as that depends on voter turnout. If we have lines at the polls at 8:00 in Knoxville, I am staying until every voter has heard my pitch for Ed Bryant.

See you later!


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