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Re-run Post: Endorsements

Here is my post from July 17th providing my endorsements for this election season:


To begin with, we will repeat the official policy of this website regarding endorsements:

Many pundits on the Republican side are lax to make endorsements in primaries because it makes good political sense to stay neutral until the general election. That being said and admitting that to be true, it will be the policy of this site to endorse candidates at all stages of the election process because it is as important that we choose the right candidate in the primary as in the general election. In all cases, conservative candidates are sought for endorsement, and those with a proven record of conservative activism will be favored over candidates that undergo campaign conversions for the purpose of being elected.

Below is a list of candidates that are officially being endorsed by VOLuntarilyConservative. Some of the races are not included because there is simply no preference at this time or because there is no anticipated opposition. Unlike with previous endorsement announcements, some races where we see fit not to endorse candidates will be specifically noted.

These endorsements are directly related to the August elections, for which early voting began on July 14th and runs through Thursday, July 29th. The decisions as to which candidate to endorse were made based on personal knowledge, website content (blog, campaign sites, and otherwise), and responses to questionnaires, including the Knoxville News-Sentinel's Voter Guide,, and VOLuntarilyConservative.

Endorsements are also generally listed in the order they will appear on the ballot in Knox County. When appropriate, some commentary may follow some endorsements.

So, without further adieu, VOLuntarilyConservative endorses the following candidates for office:

Governor - No Endorsement.

This may surprise some people, but there is some disappointment amongst us regarding Jim Bryson's various abstentions during the legislative session and some of the people he has invited into his campaign "inner circle." Meanwhile, there are many concerns about Mark Albertini. One of them, however, is not his work ethic. He has been a one-man campaign force over the past year. Because of this, a consensus could not be reached.

U.S. Senate - Ed Bryant.

A true conservative, Ed Bryant may be the only chance for Republicans to hold Senator Frist's seat in November.

U.S. House, 2nd District - Ralph McGill.

While few can fault Congressman Duncan's constituent services, he may be taking this primary campaign for granted. Mr. McGill has fought a good fight, trumpeting his conservative values as differences between himself and Congressman Duncan.

TN Senate, 5th District - No endorsement.

TN Senate, 7th District - No endorsement.

TN House, 14th District - Parkey Strader.

TN House, 15th District - No endorsement.

The Republicans have no candidate against Democrat Joe Armstrong, who, despite being caught up in the Tennessee Waltz scandal, will be re-elected. Feel free to write-in Rob Huddleston if you wish, as he lives in the gerrymandered 15th House District.

TN House, 16th District - Bill Dunn.

TN House, 17th District - Frank Niceley.

TN House, 18th District - Stacey Campfield.

Stacey is facing an uphill battle against the well-funded Gary Drinnen. Gary is a friend of VOLuntarilyConservative and admits to being a reader of this site. However, Stacey has been a consistent vote for conservatives in the Tennessee House, and we see no reason not to send him back to Nashville for another term. We join Representative Bill Dunn, Dick Armey, Tennessee Right to Life, and the National Rifle Association in their support of Stacey Campfield.

State Executive Committeewoman, 6th District - Angela Huddleston.

It isn't every election that one of our own runs for election. We give our uncompromised endorsement of Angela. The 6th District is fortunate to have people of Angela and Jamie Woodson's quality representing them in Nashville.

State Executive Committeeman, 7th District - Steven Buttry.

Steve and Cindy Buttry are two of the best people you can ever have on your side in a campaign. Any time you get to vote for one of them, you can do so with confidence.

Judicial Retention

We support the following judges in their retention votes:
William M. Barker
Michael Swiney
William C. Koch, Jr.
William B. Cain
David Farmer

Circuit Court Judge, Division Four - Bill Swann.

Chancellor, Division One - John F. Weaver.

Chancellor, Division Three - Mike Moyers.

Jim Andrews, the Democratic nominee, has plastered Knox County with signage, which could make this race closer than one would have thought. In our view, Moyers, through his experience as Knox County's Law Director, will make an excellent chancellor.

Criminal Court Judge, Division Two - Ray L. Jenkins.

Ken Irvine, the Democratic nominee, has run a campaign based solely on why Judge Jenkins - a Knoxville legal institution for decades - is no longer fit for the bench. Irvine has failed to provide reasoning as to why he should be elected to the bench. It appears to us that Jenkins runs an efficient court, and he should be allowed to continue in that capacity.

Knox County Mayor - No endorsement.

There are no conservatives in this race, so feel free to write-in whomever you choose.

Knox County Commissioner, 1st District, Seat A - Nick Della Volpe.

Knox County Commissioner, 3rd District, Seat A - Tony Norman.

Knox County Commissioner, 4th District, Seat A - John Schmid.

Knox County Commissioner, 6th District, Seat A - Chuck James.

Knox County Commissioner, 6th District, Seat B - Greg "Lumpy" Lambert.

Knox County Commissioner, 7th District, Seat A - No endorsement.

This is a turn from our previous endorsement in the May primary, at which time we endorsed R. Larry Smith. At that time, we were advised that Mr. Smith was not as he seemed. Since that time, we have confirmed certain behaviors that make it impossible to endorse Mr. Smith in this race. Mary Lou Horner, who suspended her campaign earlier, has backed write-in candidate Faith Tapp as an alternative to Smith. We do not have enough information to endorse Ms. Tapp, but we encourage voters to learn more about her to see if she deserves your vote.

Knox County Commissioner, 8th District, Seat A - Phil Ballard.

Knox County Commissioner, 9th District, Seat A - Larry Clark.

Steve McGill, the Democratic nominee, has plastered South Knoxville with signage, but the main theme of his campaign in newspaper interviews seems to be that Mr. Clark should be term-limited. As Clark did not protest Chancellor Weaver's decision nor campaign until it was for sure that he would be on the ballot, we find Mr. McGill's arguments moot. Mr. Clark has served South Knoxville well, and it would be our preference that he be allowed to do so for another term.

Knox County Commissioner, 9th District, Seat B - Paul Pinkston.

General Sessions Court Judge, Division IV - Andrew Jackson, VI.

Knox County Sheriff - Greg Cox.

Admittedly, we know little about Mr. Cox. However, the scandals that seem to constantly plague Tim Hutchison and the failures of Randy Tyree's campaigns (from failing to pay off debt from 1982 to failing to meet the deadlines related to this campaign) make Mr. Cox the only viable alternative. Hutchison's inability to show up at his own debate last week was the last straw.

Register of Deeds - Steve Hall.

School Board, Sixth District - H. Lee Martin.

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