Thursday, August 10, 2006


Pro-Polygamy Rally Set for Next Weekend in Utah

If you feel shackled or confined by having only one wife or one husband and find yourself near Salt Lake City, Utah, next Saturday, you might want to join a rally for those who think that polygamy is the way to go.

It seems that several organizations have sponsored the rally in an effort to show that the youth are down with their polygamist families and want to give polygamy their uncoerced stamp of approval.

Right or wrong, it's wacky stuff like this - happening in Utah, inspired by a Fundamentalist Mormon Leader's fugitive status - that many Southerners link with the Mormons. I have gone on record as saying that Mitt Romney's Mormon background wouldn't be as big of a factor in the race for the White House as most people think, but headlines like this one make me reconsider that statement.

Also posted at Tennesseans for Allen.

Rob, Mit cannot win in a bid for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I will not let it happen...deep, dark conspiracies brewing in Utah..."Starship Troopers" had it right...
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