Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Primaries Across the Nation

It's finally D-Day for Joe Lieberman, as Connecticut is one of five states that host primary elections today.

You have to worry about Lieberman's chances against multi-millionaire Ned Lamont, since it has been proven that every election can be bought. If Lieberman were to lose, it would be interesting to see if he does indeed run as an independent, as he has threatened to do for several weeks.

Could this be the last day of Cynthia McKinney's political viability? I doubt it, since I fully expect voting irregularities that would make the Ford family of Memphis proud. One can always hope, though...

In Colorado, it will be interesting to see who replaces my friend Bob Beauprez, who is running to succeed Bill Owens as governor. I nearly went to work for Bob in 2003. He is a real fighter, and I'm sure that being neck-and-neck in his current race just means that he has his competition right where he wants him.

UPDATE: Six Meat Buffet argues that we need Cynthia McKinney to win. It certainly would provide more fodder for us bloggers who love to use her as the posterchild for morally bankrupt Democrats.

I think her picture is exactly what this post needs...

Good read, speaks to our situation in TN indirectly.

Yeah, it would be a shame is multi-millionaire Lamont beat multi-millionaire Lieberman. Because that would mean that Lamont bought the race, even though Joe has outspent Ned 3-to-1 and 80% of Joe's campaign contributions have come from out of state.

Talk about out of touch with reality.
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