Wednesday, August 16, 2006


News Headlines

Idaho Supreme Court Paves Way for 1st American Voter Initiative on Ten Commandments

Uh oh. Sounds like democracy has started to flourish in America. Someone better notify the U.S. Supreme Court so we can quash this uprising before it spreads to other states!

President Bush Signs Law to Save War Memorial Cross

An interesting use of eminent domain to save the Mount Soledad cross, to be sure. Not to worry, though, my Leftist friends - ACLU-backed atheists have already filed suit to declare Bush's actions unconstitutional.

Support for Stem Cell Research Up in U.S.

First, the headline is a bit misleading since it doesn't differentiate between embryonic stem cell research and those stem cells taken from other sources. This poll is directly dealing with embryonic stem cell research. It also goes to prove the old adage: "You can't fool all of the people all of the time, but you can apparently fool 63% of them."

Defeat of Bush’s judicial nominee traced to S.C.’s Graham

Nice to see the kind of "real conservatives" that supported Van Hilleary. What happened to Lindsey Graham? He used to be such a rising star for the conservatives, and then he got bumped up to the Senate. Now he hangs out with Chuck Schumer and his crowd. I wonder if a well-funded primary opponent might be waiting in the wings to expose Graham come the next election cycle.

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