Wednesday, August 30, 2006


IRA-CF Rankings: Preseason

Here are the preseason rankings from the Internet Ranking Alliance of College Football (IRA-CF). My apologies for not posting these on Tuesday, but it turns out that the calculations are a bit more than anticipated, and my abacus was rusty...

1) Ohio State
2) Southern Cal
T3) Notre Dame
T3) Texas
T3) Auburn
6) West Virginia
7) LSU
8) Florida
9) California
10) Oklahoma
11) Miami (FL)
12) Florida State
13) Louisville
14) Georgia
15) Iowa
16) Michigan
17) Penn State
T18) Tennessee
T18) Clemson
20) Virginia Tech
21) Nebraska
22) Oregon
23) TCU
24) Georgia Tech
25) Alabama

Others receiving votes: Arkansas, Arizona State, Texas Tech, South Carolina.

Thank you to all of the pollsters who contributed. We are still accepting applications for anyone else who wants to assist with the rankings (just reply in the Comments section or shoot me an e-mail).

Look for Week 1 rankings next Tuesday.

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