Wednesday, August 02, 2006


If You Didn't Have Enough Reasons to Vote for Frank Niceley...

Frank Niceley is one of the most genuine men you will ever meet, both inside and outside of politics. He more than deserves to be re-elected to represent the 17th District in the Tennessee House.

If you didn't need more reasons for vote for Frank, I will give you some more. His primary opponent is Jim Bletner, the Director of Concessions for UT who has been propped up to run for this seat by a combination of forces that don't like Frank Nicely's conservatism - Democratic Speaker/Slimeball Jimmy Naifeh, Governor Phil Bredesen, and the typical cast of RINOs in and around Knox County.

Bletner loves to crow about his position as Director of Concessions at UT. Well, actually he has Heywood Harris do it for him on the radio. (Anal readers may have noticed that all Heywood Harris books have been recently removed from the sidebar.)

But here's the rub - when I think of UT Concessions, I think of complete and total incompetence. I think back to the 2003 game against Fresno State, when Neyland Stadium was devoid of water for people to drink. People were passing out left and right. I think back to the 1993 game against South Carolina, when there were no cups in the upper deck for hot chocolate or coffee despite the snow that was driving down for most of the game. I remember several games in Thompson-Boling for "Buzzball" when students were unable to find hot dogs at halftime.

This is the record that Bletner is running on?

Of course, you can look at his website and make up your own mind. (No, I don't find it humorous that he has "Fresh Water" as part of his campaign slogan, because his inability to make sure that people could buy friggin' water during the Fresno State game put some people's lives at risk.)

Citizens of Knox and Jefferson Counties, are you going to elect this man to the General Assembly?

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