Thursday, August 10, 2006


Ford Spineless on Support of Independents

Stop the presses!

The Tennessean has an article worth reading this week. Apparently, Bonna de la Cruz teamed up with Bill Theobald to put forth a collection of Harold Ford, Jr.'s inconsistent thoughts regarding Joe Lieberman and Jake Ford, who both are registered Democrats but will be running as Independent candidates in their races for the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House, respectfully.

Look, I don't care who Harold Ford supports in these races. I expect him to back Ned Lamont in Connecticut purely because all of the people in the Senate like Ford - from John Kerry to Chuck Schumer to Harry Reid - have already thrown their liberal support behind Lamont.* In the race for Tennessee's 9th Congressional seat, I would expect him to support his brother, Jake Ford, because families should stick together in such things (unless, of course, the Ford camp is trying to distance themselves from his family for whatever reason, in which case he should support Cohen).

My point is that Ford can't take a stand. He can't show support without first taking a poll, much like his good campaign buddy, Bill Clinton. What happens when time is of the essence and decisions must be made without the benefits of public opinion polls, focus groups, or PR firms? Could Harold Ford, Jr., make the tough decisions when it mattered?

* On a side note, I heard a speech from Ned Lamont yesterday. Guys and gals, that ain't a liberal. Back when I was in school, we called that a communist. Be assured that this is not name-calling or the like. His views were simply in line with other communists like Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin. In another time, Lamont's remarks would have also triggered charges for acts of sedition against the United States. To my Democratic friends, I know you didn't like Joe Lieberman, but is this the direction you want your party to go heading into 2008?

Could you explain further his "marxist" views? Are we talking a general approval of progressive taxation, or are we talking the dissolution of private property?
When was this speech? I would like to hear it.

You are so right....I mentioned this in my blog yesterday. This guy, like Howard Dean is commmunist, no doubt about it.

I haven't heard Ned say anything that remotely resembles communism, unless you think universal health care is such.
What remark(s) did he make that make you think he is anything but a liberal?
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