Saturday, August 05, 2006


Final Thoughts of Albertini

Here are the final thoughts of gubernatorial candidate Mark Albertini. From his press release:


Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Mark Albertini shared his thoughts today on his time in the Governor's race. He is deeply thankful to all those who voted for him, contributed financially and supported him during the Primary.

"This race has been a tremendous opportunity. As I traveled from one end of Tennessee to the other during my ten months in this race, I logged thousands of miles, made numerous friends and put up over nine hundred signs

Although final numbers are not yet out from the Tennessee Election Commission, from what I have read, I do not believe I won the Primary.

Losing is always bitter to some. But I think it really depends upon why you enter a race to begin with. If you enter a race for the right reason-to serve God and help others- you can never go wrong, because you always win, so long as you run to win.

When I got into the Governor's race, I did so because I saw a cause. I still see this same cause today. I am back to giving attention to my work, picking up my signs and spending time with my wife. I will continue to seek God's direction for politics in the future. Wherever He wants me is where I will try to be. I have learned many things during this campaign. I will try to put these into practice in the future.

Again, I say Thank You to those of you who stood with me and loved my wife and me through your actions and words. We, that is, you and I, stood for a cause in a way that is not being copied. We stood for a cause to save Tennessee and America. We did what was right. We stood for what it means to be truly free as Americans-to seek our highest but not to place ourselves above our neighbor. You are in my prayers. I shall forever be grateful and indebted to you. I guess an easy way for me to say it is just to say, May God Receive the Glory."



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