Saturday, August 19, 2006


Democrats Tell States: "Our Party Politics Is More Important Than You"

One of the greatest assets for the Republican Party - Howard Dean.

Thanks, Howlin' Howie, for managing to piss off states, their election committees, and their citizens by hijacking the primary process and including the provision that candidates who don't play by your rules can't play at all.

The best thing about it is that the states who likely will lose the most under your system have traditionally gone Democratic in national elections. Thanks for opening the door to their inclusion as Red States this time around.

Why does Dean hate New Hampshire? Well, take a look at this report from Fox News (and a freezing Major Garrett) from three years ago.

Kinda seems like Dean is trying to get back at the state that officially derailed his campaign in 2004, now doesn't it?

This has nothing to do with race or campaign finance or any of the other explanations for the screwy decision by the DNC floating around in the MSM. This has everything to do with Harold Dean. It's all about the lunatic running the Democratic Party.

Sorry, pundits, but y'all think THIS GUY is going to orchestrate a takeover of Congress?

MORE: Check out The Bullwinkle Blog.

Here is one concerned moderate liberal who agrees with the VolCon. Dean can raise money from the far left all day long, but he is sacrificing the party for his own little power game. I am not sure he can organize the magnetic state-by-state map in his office...
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