Monday, August 14, 2006


Confession Time

I do not have the time to post about it right now, but I met with Republican Senate nominee Bob Corker Friday for lunch.

I know that I will be skewered by some of my conservative colleagues for doing so, but I promise to give a full rundown of what has occurred as soon as the time becomes available.

I refuse to "skewer" you...if Corker asked me to lunch and was serious about convincing me of his worthiness, I would at least listen-I might not go along, but I would certainly hear the guy out.

I want to hear all about tell.
After THIS - he probably won't be taking me to lunch.

But he ought to do a series of lunches with the state's political bloggers.

The Corker campaign rejected invites to have Bob appear at a gathering of Nashville political bloggers months before the primary. If they'd accept this time, I'd be glad to try to set it up.
Rob, I would never skewer you for gathering information, hearing someone out, or doing what you have to do.

We know how the game is played.

I've never heard from the Corker campaign, by the way, not that I care to at this point. If he has reached out to other immigration-control activists in this state, I don't know about it. I continue to question his commitment to that issue.

This Republican primary race was a heartbreaker for me. No one comes close to Ed Bryant. No one. Not just on immigration but in so many other ways that are important in terms of consistency, reliability, and integrity.
Yes, do tell. I have already decided to vote for Corker because he is the lesser of two evils (BUT he is STILL evil.) I would like to see what he had to say though.

Bob needs to mend some serious fences up here. Our friend and one great guy, Dave Oatney, is a man of conviction and has to be convinced.

As I said in response to another post earlier today:

"While I seriously believe Bob Corker understands the seriousness of winning UET by 15% as the poll close across the Cumberland Valley, I don't think Todd Womack and others close to Bob fell that way.

I offered to help Bob bridge the gap with the Ed and Van people. They were willing to have me volunteer; however, I have a career to get back to and two beautiful girls to feed. I'd hold off getting a real job until after the election but got told by Todd, "Thanks but . . . ".

Heaven's knows if I could pull enough votes, I'd have won the 1st District; however, I don't think Rep. Davis will be knocking on doors for Bob, do you?

Nobody understands we mediators." ;-)

Knowing David Davis, Vance is probably right-he may vote for Corker, but I wouldn't expect him to put it on the line for him.

I give Rob credit, because we are the same age and both of us have probably been around politics nearly as long, but Rob has "done more" than I have. I've never worked for the NRA, for example, but I am a member. I've simply served as a humble volunteer for several political campaigns, including two Presidential ones. I am what the pundits call one of the "true believers." My hesitancy to support Mr. Corker outright is due to the fact that I am tired of being "used." When I put myself out there for a candidate, I want results if that candidate wins.

It is sad that my best memories are from campaigns that lost. Perhaps that is because no one had a chance to break their word.
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