Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Calling the Race in Georgia

Cynthia McKinney has been defeated in her own party's primary.

With 98% of the votes tallied, Johnson leads, 59% to 41%.

I have divided emotions here. On one hand, one of the biggest embarrassments in American democracy has rightfully been returned home. On the other hand, no more "Extreme McKinney Makeover," "Have you hit a Capitol Hill cop today?," and Buckwheat jokes. It's kinda like when the House voted to expel James Traficant. You lose the miserable liberal, but you lose the joke material, as well. That's a tough trade.

In any case, I am off to watch her concession speech. I wouldn't miss that for the world.

UPDATE: As one would expect, McKinney was fiery and refused to take none of the blame for the loss. Typical.

Also, The Daily Whim has an exceptional post on what it has been like to watch the rise and fall of Cynthia McKinney from the perspective of one of her 4th District constituents. It is a bit long, but I highly recommend reading the whole thing, entitled "Voters Deck Officer McKinney."

Didn't McKinney claim that the election was "stolen" from her?

Come on Rep. McKinney, Democrats, much less Liberals, don't do things like that.
Ned -

Heh heh.


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