Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Calling the Race in Connecticut

After crunching a few numbers, it appears that the Democratic Primary in Connecticut is over.

With 93% of the precincts reporting, it appears that Ned Lamont has won the nomination for United States Senate in Connecticut.

We'll see later on if Lieberman announces the continuation of his campaign as an independent.

UPDATE: Buddy's Bemusings has called the race for Lamont.

UPDATE: The Raw Story has also called the race for Lamont.

UPDATE: Lieberman has conceded and - for all intents and purposes - launched his campaign as an Independent. Will the Republicans cross over to vote for Lieberman to put him over the top against the liberal menace? We shall see. Pat Buchanan said tonight on "Hardball" that he didn't see it happening, and he may be right. I wonder how Connecticut residents feel about out-of-staters like Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, and Al Sharpton invading their borders on Election Day to promote Lamont.

The real fun would be if Lieberman won the General Election with support from both Democrats and Republicans. How would Independent Lieberman vote? Would he possibly switch parties after the election and join the Republicans if they supported him, coming out in force to beat back Lamont when it really mattered?

Connecticut politics have rarely been so interesting in my lifetime.

I cant believe the Democrats. The one Senator they had left that a moral compass(not much of one but one none the less), they push out of their party. This Lamont is simply another Howard Dean. My, how the Dems have gone to the left. I pray this nation is completely socialist in 10 years.
Nate -

It's interesting that you mentioned Howard Dean.

Dean's brother, Jim, is the head of Democracy for America, a PAC based in Vermont that supports ultra-liberal candidates. He not only supported Lamont, but he also worked Election Day in Connecticut to get his man elected.

So here is the brother of the DNC Chairman, who was supposedly neutral in this race, working against a sitting Democratic United States Senator.

It's stuff like that which makes me start to route for Lieberman in the general election, only because the Republican nominee (Alan Schlesinger) has no real shot in that state and it gives Lieberman the real motivation to stick it to Dean and his DNC.


Im not suprised to learn this bit of information. And just for clarification: I meant to say "I pray this nation ISNT completely socialist in 10 years" But Im sure you figured theat out. :)
Nate -

Yeah, I figured it out. :)


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