Monday, August 21, 2006


Blogpoll Results: UT Quarterbacks

Here are the results from last week's blogpoll on who should start at QB for the Vols this year:

Erik Ainge - 24%
Jim Bob Cooter - 22%
Jonathan Crompton - 39%
Bo Hardegree - 12%
Nick Stephens - 2%

After two scrimmages and two weeks worth of August practice, a few things have become clear in the QB derby:

Based on what is probably best for the program's long-term goals, Crompton should start.
Based on performance thus far in August, Bo Hardegree should start.
Based on Coach Fulmer's decision, Erik Ainge will be the starter at UT.

Ainge had a good scrimmage Saturday night under the lights at Neyland. So did Crompton, who showed that he isn't afraid of getting hit in some of his daring runs out of the pocket. Hardegree once again showed the best touch on the deep ball and produced the best stats.

Tuesday evening brings UT's final full scrimmage before they strap 'em on for real against California on September 2nd. Let's hope that the offense continues to show signs of life. That isn't a cream puff coming into Neyland Stadium Labor Day weekend...

UPDATE: This week's poll will center on which Democrat - for the good of the Great State of Tennessee - you would "vote off the island" if you were the great and powerful Oz.

This is a toughie. Do you vote on who has a long track record of derailing our state's progress (Wilder, Naifeh, Gore)? Do you vote to oust someone who could potentially do even more damage than his predecessors (Ford, Bredesen)?

Maybe I should have put an "all of the above" button on the poll...

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