Thursday, August 24, 2006


Around the Horn

The Undecided Philosopher, my best friend and a Democrat, has an excellent review of Pat Buchanan's State of Emergency. You'll be surprised at his conclusions.

Brian Hornback has the lowdown on the Sugar Nazis that run the Knox County schools. People have asked me why I don't get involved in local school board politics. This is why, as well as the bloated Knox County Schools budget that intentionally hides administrative spending. Knox County schools are a great argument for homeschooling.

Blake Wiley, Tennessee's premier vlogger, experimented with traffic vlogging this week. Not enough road rage for me (just ask the VOLConWife). I would normally say that Blake should be considered for the "Weekend Update" anchor position on SNL, but he's probably too funny for SNL in the modern era...

Michael Silence has the round-up on Governor Bredesen's health issue, which appears to be more serious than anyone was giving it credit for a few days ago. I don't tend to come down with those who believe that Vanderbilt was somehow slighted by Bredesen's decision not to seek treatment there, but since when is the Mayo Clinic the place for tick bite therapy? Something seems rotten in Denmark...

Stacey Campfield has some thoughts on the First District, as well as the double standard for conservatives and moderates after competitive primaries.

Bill Hobbs has an obvious headline - "Harold Ford Jr. is a Liar." Future headlines reporting other indisputable truths might include "Sky is Blue," "George Bush is President," and "Life is Not Fair." (Note: I am not ribbing Hobbs here, which apparently is one way that this can be read. My point is that if you don't know that Harold Ford, Jr. is a liar, you may need to seek some sort of commitment at a local mental health facility.)

AlphaPatriot comes down hard on the NRA for its support of national reciprocity with concealed carry permits. On this issue, I vehemently disagree with AP. I am for national reciprocity because 1) while I agree that the bureaucracy makes CCW permits a slap at civil liberties, the program itself isn't much of an inconvenience for law-abiding citizens, 2) the current puzzle of state-by-state reciprocity leads to gun owners being prosecuted for nothing more than their status and state legislative politics, and 3) anything that keeps law-abiding gun owners from being locked up by liberals is a good thing. I guess if you see CCW as a good thing (and I tend to fall that way), then you probably see national reciprocity as a good thing. However, if you don't see CCW as a good thing, well, you probably think felons should be allowed to own guns, too, that pedophiles should be allowed to live across from elementary schools, and other premises of libertine thought that end up getting people hurt or killed. Sorry for the rant, but there are many other legitimate issues that the NRA should be held accountable for (reasons why many hardcore gun owners are leaving the organization), but this isn't one of them.

Terry Frank takes a look at Jimmy Naifeh's wasteful upgrades to the Tennessee Capitol. Warning - it might make you ill...

Voluminous takes a shot at California's mascot. I agree. What the heck is that thing? It looks kinda like the old Marshall Thundering Herd mascot after a close shave.

Finally, Commonwealth Conservative gives Snakes on a Plane the highest praise he can muster. (It should be noted that one of Chad's fellow Hoyas started the site, Snakes on a Blog, which many are crediting with bringing the movie such acclaim.) I really want to see this movie come Friday, but the VOLConWife wants to see some football movie. What's up with that?

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