Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Van's Abramoff Connections Still Under Question

Van Hilleary put out a press release last week announcing that his PAC had paid off $18,500 of money taken from Jack Abramoff and his associates.



Now that's interesting. No matter how much I manipulate the figures, I just can't get the numbers to add up to $18,500.

Jay Bush is having the same problems over at Blogging for Bryant.

Anyone care to explain the math to me, because it appears that some money is unaccounted for that may have been paid to Van? I would love to know where that money came from.

Seriously. I would like for someone to explain this to me.

I might even provide my autographed Bob Corker Fraud Watch hardcopy from press guru Andrew Shulman as a reward for someone's hard work.

UPDATE: This may be only one of Van's worries. The scuttlebutt is that Van's Knoxville Field Representative quit the campaign a few weeks back and that Jennifer Coxe was furiously calling random UT College Republicans who had no previous connection to Van's campaign in an attempt to fill the vacancy.

Where is Brian?

According to Ms. Vines of Knox News on 06/17, "Hilleary's Knoxville Office is at 543 Manor View Drive. His field representative is Brian
Stewart, who's available at 865-691-6972"

When someone calls that office, will Brian or anyone answer? If not, this is a scary bad development for the Van wagon. Just because the Big Bad Haslams support Bob and all the rich Sundquist money from Knox Country is behind Corker, it doesn't mean the county is a lost cause.

Poor Van.
Brewster -

My understanding is that Brian has returned to Chattanooga and is no longer affiliated with the campaign in any official capacity.

Last I heard, J. Coxe was calling college students randomly, looking for help.



Does anyone answer at 865-691-6972. If not, thats a scary bad sign and any conservative choosing between Van and Ed should take that as an indication that a vote for Van is now a lost cause and if they want a true conservative to win the nomination then Bryant is their guy.

Van was a solid voice while in the House, but he's now out of steam.
With more news like this daily, I think conservatives will start to line up behind the strongest candidate (Bryant) to beat both liberals, Corker then Ford.


If you liked Don Sunquist, You'll love Bob Corker.
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