Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Updated Early Voting Numbers

These are some of the updated numbers of early voters through Tuesday.

Anderson - 3605
Davidson - 5874
Hamilton - 9551
Knox - 10888
Madison - 5091
Rhea - 2345
Rutherford - 4650
Sevier - 1469
Shelby - 42448
Sullivan - 4496
Washington - 3229
Williamson - 1508

These numbers are quite perplexing, to tell the truth. Turnout thus far is unbelievably light, even in the home counties of the U.S. Senate nominees. Also, the 1st District totals are a trickle of what was expected (Sevier County with less than 1,500 early voters thus far?!).

Either everyone is waiting to go to the polls on Election Day, or this might be one of the lowest primary turnouts we have ever seen.

MORE: Several bloggers jumped on this story. You can get more from:

Terry Frank (on Anderson County's low numbers)
Volunteer Voters (who is surprised as I was)
Tennessee Politics Blog (actual mathematical analysis)
Michael Silence (comparison to 2002)
Cup of Joe Powell (on how low turnout helps incumbents)
Forward With Ford (on the numbers showing Ed Bryant's strength)
Brian's Blog (breakdown of Knox County numbers)

If you want more information on the subject, you might need to seek professional help, because you're turning into a political wonk.

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