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Update on the U.N.'s Attempt to Erase Our Second Amendment

This from the NRA-ILA:



With the "U.N. Conference to Review Progress Made in the Implementation of the Programme of Action to Prevent and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects" having begun on Monday, June 26, here are some of the "highlights" (and "lowlights) of the week's events.

Day One, Monday, June 26: U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan claims the Conference's purpose was not to ban "law abiding citizens right to bear arms..." However, others in the anti-gun cabal obviously disagree, as evidenced by this statement from Indonesia's representative: "We believe that no armed group outside of the State should be allowed to bear weapons. We also believe that regulating civilian possession of Small Arms/Light Weapons will enhance our efforts to prevent its misuse. In our view, the issue of ammunition should also be addressed in the context of the ProgramME of Action because in the absence of ammunition, small arms and light weapons pose no danger." Regardless of Annan's statement, the topic of "regulation" of civilian possession is obviously still alive.

Day Two, Tuesday, June 27: U.S. Under Secretary of State Robert Joseph. Joseph politely but forcefully gave the U.S. "red lines" -- issues which the U.S. strongly opposes and will not allow into any Conference report or recommendations. These include interference with Americans' Right To Bear Arms, a U.N. ban on transfer of arms to freedom fighters and international regulation of ammunition. The U.S. also said it was not ready to commit to any future conferences on small arms. As Joseph noted later, "The U.S. Constitution guarantees the rights of our citizens to keep and bear arms, and there will be no infringement of those rights..The United States will not agree to any provisions restricting civilian possession, use or legal trade of firearms inconsistent with our laws and practices."

Day Three, Wednesday, June 28: A new draft of the U.N. "Small Arms" Conference "final" report became public. Unfortunately, the draft contained provisions on two issues the U.S. considers "red lines" and will not accept -- a U.N. ban on transfer of arms to freedom fighters and international regulation of ammunition. The proposed document also calls for U.N. meetings on "small arms" up to and including additional conferences in 2008, 2010, and 2012! The U.S. is opposed to these constant meetings which seem to rehash the same issues.

Day Four, Thursday, June 29: The Swiss Small Arms Survey (an anti-gun think tank) released its book supporting international regulation of ammunition. Although the U.S. continues to strongly oppose the inclusion of ammunition in any Conference report, several countries insist on pushing the concept. In another development, the President of the Conference appointed three "facilitators" to work on the text of the final report. The so-called facilitators are from Switzerland, Columbia and Japan.

America's gun owners must continue to be vigilant and to take action on this front. For additional information on the U.N.'s attempt to impose its anti-gun will on the U.S. and around the world, please visit, where daily postings tracking the U.N. Conference can be found. Also, please visit, or call (800) 672-0636. This site provides valuable information and an opportunity to order Wayne LaPierre's new book The Global War On Your Guns. The book spells out a chilling warning that gun owners in the United States and abroad must heed, and exposes a far-reaching scheme to pass a global ban on civilian ownership of arms--including YOURS! Help stop the U.N.'s attempt to thwart our Freedom. Please visit the site or call the toll-free number today!


As noted in the previous story, America's gun owners are no doubt most focused on U.N. efforts to promote transnational anti-gun laws. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to recent oil for food, sex, and corruption scandals at the world body, a story in today's Washington Times notes that Members of the U.S. House of Representatives are promoting legislation to withhold U.S. contributions to the U.N. Among the reasons cited for these actions are: recent remarks by a U.N. bureaucrat that the U.S. government needs to do more to defend the U.N. to the American public; displeasure with the makeup of the U.N.'s Human Rights Council that includes some of the world's most notorious human rights abusers and sponsors of terrorism; and the U.S. goal of implementing a proportional voting system on financial matters, where member-nations' votes would be commensurate with the percentage of dues they contribute.

The corrupt undercurrent of anti-American sentiment flowing through the UN makes it harder and harder for global minded conservatives to support extensive future US involvement in the United Nations.

Once again, we all should write friends in Ohio to thank them again for keeping John Kerry in the Senate; lest he be currently conceding our Bill of Rights to UN interpretation, authority and jurisdiction.

Congress should stand eagerly with President Bush in issuing a clear, crisp and confident declaration reminding the UN that our sovereignty will never be surrendered.

Vance W. Cheek, Jr.
but Vance, Bush Loves the UN, the UN allowed him to invade Iraq. Van and Ed love the UN also. the powers in washington love the UN, but the people at home are wanting US OUT !
Mickey -

Yeah, right...

(That's sarcasm oozing out of your monitor, by the way.)


Are you completely out of touch with reality Mickey?
lets see, we went to Iraq to enforce the UN Resloution 1441.
Ed and Van both had a chance to vote to get us out of the UN, both failed
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