Saturday, July 01, 2006

This is Tennessee

It's now officially July. Only two more months until...


Rob --
Where do you all sit?

Jodybelle -

1) Anywhere I can get a ticket. We had taken up residence in the North endzone in the fifth row of Y9 last year, when my wife was working for another firm (I will be in these seats for the Florida game this year). I also have my uncle's tickets for some games, about 43 rows up in Y9. Otherwise, I move around the stadium based on which game. I'm in Section PP for the Air Force game. Depending on finances, we'll have to see about other games this year (I only have tickets for Florida and Air Force now).

2) When at all possible, I'm one of those guys who likes to stand. I guess I'm not too removed from my days in the student section, and those bleachers hurt my back something awful on the next day if I sit too much.

Hopefully, we'll have a reason to stand and cheer this season.


We have seats in Y8 and Y6. Very often we have extra tickets. I'll tell Vance to keep you in mind when that happens. I'll also look for you standing around! There are several fans who consistently stand behind our seats. :)

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