Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Haslam's Connections to Drug Smugglers?

Terry Frank, who does some of the best investigative blogging out there, is beginning to show the connection between the recently arrested Scott West and Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam.

West was recently the focus of an FBI sting in Knoxville's Market Square. The FBI alleges that West, his brother, and others in Colorado and Arizona were part of nationwide marijuana trafficking.

Interesting stuff. Anyone familiar with how the political power works in Knoxville has to wonder what people knew and what they didn't know.

UPDATE: For clarification's sake, I am not saying nor insinuating that Bill Haslam is even remotely connected to the FBI allegations against Mr. West. More than likely, Haslam was as shocked as the rest of us when the FBI raided Market Square. However, many people in the City of Knoxville government may have to explain their connections to Mr. West at some time. That's all I am speculating - no more, no less.

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Rob--You are always too kind.

Don't you think the News Sentinel angle was interesting, especially with the huge pictures of West serving brew?

We haven't had pictures that large of any of our Senate candidates.
Terry -

The whole story has been bewildering. It's hard to believe this what was going on in Market Square in the first place.

People are certainly talking about West in Knoxville. There's more buzz about this story than about the U.S. Senate race.

And don't sell yourself short regarding the great job you do as a citizen journalist, my dear...


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