Thursday, July 20, 2006


Fun and Games Turns Into Sadness

I was so looking forward to writing tonight about the great time that the VOLConWife and I had at the South Knox Republican Cookout and the North Knox Republican Rally (yes, we made both), but that will have to wait.

As we walked to the car with Congressional candidate Ralph McGill, I received several calls saying that I might want to make my way to the corner of Emory Road and Maynardville Highway. We did, and it was a troubling site.

GOP Gubernatorial candidate Mark Albertini was in the back of a police cruiser while his car was being impounded.

I did notice that Mark was acting a bit strangely prior to leaving the rally. Through the grapevine, I heard that he was apparently attempting to campaign at the intersection as cars were stopped at the red light.

I was quite saddened by the scene. Mark Albertini is not the perfect candidate or a perfect man, but I had gone on record as saying that he would give Jim Bryson a run for his money in the primary because of Mark's incredible work ethic and his placement at the top of the ballot.

Recently, I was asked what was the worst thing that could happen to a candidate during Early Voting. Another political consultant said, "Running out of money." I shook my head and said, "Getting arrested." I wish I hadn't been so prophetic concerning Mr. Albertini.

It isn't every day that one gets to vote for or against a candidate and see that candidate apparently arrested that same night.

Tragic stuff. I guess it must officially be campaign season.

Oh dear....there just went poor Mark Albertini's political career.

I gave him my Primary vote in the end, too-obviously before all this happened.

How sad. He has great work ethic, you are right. He's ruined now, and probably meant no harm-just sheer "duh" campaign stupidity.
Rob, I posted a few questions that you and Joe Lance may be able to look into over the weekend. This thing is starting to smell a little. Perhaps you guys can pull the arrest record and talk to some folks and get them answered.

1. Who called in the complaints?
2. Did anyone actually see him drinking at the event?
3. Was anything found in his car?
4. Why were no tests done?

If you guys can answer these questions for us I think it would go a long way towards learning what actually happened (the truth).

If Mark was indeed intoxicated, then he should withdrawal. But if this is a set-up, then we need to know that too.

Dave -

I wrote a heart-to-heart to dear Mark. The contents are private, for sure, but I did tell him that I was praying for him and that I wanted him to stay active, seek help, and not be defeated by this setback.

I was stunned last night. I'm not sure I am much less stunned 24 hours later.


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