Tuesday, July 04, 2006


The Devil Went Down to Georgia... And by the Devil, I mean Jack Abramoff

The race between conservative Casey Cagle and former Georgia GOP Chairman Ralph Reed to become the next Peach State's Lt. Governor has been more than just a bit heated. It's been downright nasty.

Reed hit Cagle with allegations that the State Senator was against property rights, which seems to be exactly the opposite case since Cagle sponsored legislation to stop Kelo-type intrusion by governments on private property.

Yesterday, in what some political pundits believe is a "hydrogen bomb" delivered too late, Cagle ran with an ad that directly links Reed to the indicted Jack Abramoff.

Much like Van Hilleary here in Tennessee, Reed's dealings with Abramoff can be linked to promoting gambling interests.

I'm not sure if this is an H-bomb, as admitted ties to Abramoff doesn't seem to have crushed Van Hilleary's candidacy here in Tennessee.

Of course, Hilleary's restitution for his Abramoff connections may not be a dead story. Some of the numbers aren't adding up. I may have more later on this, as something may be askew with the whole mess.

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