Monday, July 10, 2006


Clem Letter Making the Rounds

I have received e-mails from across the state - from Bristol to Bartlett - from voters who have received the Chris Clem letter regarding the truth behind Bob Corker.

I know there was some concern that this letter may not reach voters in time, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Several Nashville mainstream sources have picked up on the letter, and now the grassroots seems to be carrying the water to parts underserved by biased media sources.

My suggestion - keep the e-mail going. Cut-and-paste it from here and send it to every registered Tennessee voter in your address book. You might want to include this from Sunday's Tennessean regarding remarks made by The Honorable Bill Dunn:

(Corker's) critics claim that he blocked an amendment to the state budget that year that would prohibit the use of state tax dollars on abortions.

"I remember he being mad and thinking I was playing politics with it," said the man who brought him the amendment, state Rep. Bill Dunn.

Corker's opposition surprised Dunn because he figured Sundquist would support such a measure just as he had on the federal level when he was in Congress, said Dunn, a Republican from Knoxville.

Corker's recollection is different.

"I told him I agreed very much with what he wanted to do, but I knew no way the amendment would pass at the 11th hour," Corker said. He suggested to Dunn that he try again the next year.

Bryant doesn't buy that explanation: "I'd like to respond that you're pro-life 24 hours a day, and if you're pro-life, very often the 11th hour is when you have to be strongest."

"Bob Corker's track record is pro-abortion," Harris said. "When he had opportunities to move forward pro-life protections and agendas, he did otherwise."

Tennessee Right to Life and others criticize Corker for saying he is 100 percent pro-life when he supports more exceptions for abortion than his opponents.

People need to know the real Bob Corker. He's not going to let a statewide audience see him exposed during a debate, so it's up to us to inform voters what kind of person he really is.

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