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Clem KOs Corker

It has been the policy of this site not to link to TeamEgo, as much of what has come from there this year has been fabricated. However, on this occasion, there is a post from State Representative Chris Clem that cannot be overlooked.

Clem lays down the law on Bob Corker's past, including the following:

Corker has consistently used his influence in the past to oppose the conservative positions and the conservative candidates. If you don't believe this article then ask the nearest republican state legislator about Bob Corker. The few items I mentioned are only a few of the hundreds of stories that republicans in Nashville tell about Bob Corker's last 12 years of political involvement.

Clem concludes by encouraging all conservatives to support the Republican nominee because even "Corker is better than Harold Ford." At this point is where I depart from Rep. Clem. I don't see the difference Clem sees. Both Corker and Ford are proven to be adept as the art of being election year conservatives. Does having the "R" or the "D" after one's name matter that much to earn one's vote? I would gladly take John Breaux or Zell Miller over Lincoln Chafee and Olympia Snowe any day.

Also, it is easy to see why voters are becoming distrustful of Republican spinmeisters if conservatives who have done nothing but tell the citizenry how liberal Bob Corker is over the past 16 months turn around and support him in the general election. In my eyes, those people may not be much better than Corker and Ford, because they are being disingenuous to Tennessee voters.

I certainly hope that it doesn't come down to this, that conservatives unite behind Ed Bryant and look forward to a tough race with Harold Ford in the general election. In fact, with Ed's strong support in West Tennessee and surging support amongst the people of Northeast Tennessee, I am confident that this will all be moot come August 4th.

Some people will have to cross the bridge - whether or not to support the Republican nominee - but I don't believe it's going to the Bryant supporters.

MORE: In a post a few days back, A.C. at Volunteer Voters put out a position opposing mine, basically stating that conservatives were more loyal to the party than to their ideology at the end of the day. He's surely right on some counts, and I am surely right on others. The tipping point for a possible Corker general election campaign in November could be which one of us is more right than the other.

I agree with AC, the Republicans care more about Power than the Constitution and will vote for anyone with an "R". No matter if Neo-Con Ed or Neo-Con Van or ?Bob? is elected, they will turn out in enough numbers to Stop the democrat that is running. So, stop worry, Nothing will change we will still have Republicans voting for Trillion dollar debts and nothing will change.
Friends, this is great that truth like this is being broadcast, especially from a state legislator, this will give it credibility and shows great courage from Rep. Clem. However, blogosphere is a very small crowd. THIS NEEDS TO BE IN THE PAPERS! All those opposed to Corker's candidacy need to start writing letters to the editors of all their local newspapers, great and small.

Jeff Ward had a great post about why he doesn't think Corker should be the candidate last week. He needs to adapt that into a letter to the editor. We need to get this message out to the people and voters of TN. The people who read this and other blog usually, often already have their minds made up, or are already educated enough on the issues to not vote for Corker. The less technologically or politically savvy folks aren't getting this information. Let's get it to them.

Folks its 7 days until early voting. The time to act is now.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:

If you liked Don Sunquist, you'll love Bob Corker.
Well, folks like me won't be voting for Corker. The Dems have already figured that out. I certainly hope Ed Bryant takes it.
Patrick, you said it. The truth-tellers have to hit the small-town papers with letters to the editor, etc. I don't even watch TV. I am not alone in that.
Old Man Bush learned that conservatives will jump ship. The Tennessee Republican Party might very well learn the same lesson with Corker.

How many GOP votes did Bredesen get because of grassroots apathy/anger thanks to Sundquist?
Since I knew Bush II's and the Democrats' coordinated agenda to turn the United States into one big illegal plantation, I cast about and voted for Ralph Nader the first time. The second time, I wrote in Tom Tancredo's name.
Good work, Rob!

Never trust anyone... anyone... who holds his/her party loyality above their alligence to our nation.

William James (Jim) Boyd
Candidate for the Tennessee State Legislature
District 58 * Downtown Nashville, Berry Hill
Terry is right-if Corker is nominated, we can say hello to Senator Ford.
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