Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Bob Corker on WNOX this morning

Dear readers, unleash your questions about raising taxes, abortion flip-flops, the hiring of illegal aliens to build his financial empire, missing e-mails, the personal profits he sustained as a result of spending Chattanooga's government funds, and how millions and millions of dollars can't buy courage on Hallerin Hilton Hill's guest host, Bob Corker, from 8:00 until 10:00 Tuesday morning on WNOX.

Here's your chance to ask the questions that Bob doesn't want to answer in a debate*, so make 'em count!

The numbers to call in to the show are (865) 656-8255 in the Knoxville area and (800) 951-8255 across the nation.

Keep it clean, but don't let Bob stick with the rhetorical answers that he gave at the Knoxville and Memphis debates.

* Assuming that the call screeners let you through, which they tend to when HHH is there.

Don't forget Don Sundquist's $2,000 contribution to Bob Corker for Senate. Does a maxed on donation mean an official endorsement?
Patrick -

Well, if Sundquist maxed out to one candidate and ignored the other two, I certainly consider that an endorsement.

Heck, it spends better than an endorsement, doesn't it?


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